Working with peer/community researchers in qualitative research

Anna Olsen and I have a book chapter in the new SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Ethics. We draw on our experiences as university researchers using participatory research (PR) to work with community researchers in the field of sexual health to explore the specific ethical issues faced by PR with community/peer researchers. We highlight two key issues: blurred roles of ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ and challenges to rigour. We use several case studies taken from our work around sexual health (with details significantly changed to ensure the anonymity of the communities and projects involved) or developed for research training, in order to begin to address some of the wonders and hazards of ethical practice in PR. A quick peruse of the Handbook contents list and I can see several chapters that’ll be going on the reading list for my qualitative health research students and HDR candidates. If you want a copy of the chapter, let me know.


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