About me

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Seeking to understand and address avoidable health differences that put socially disadvantaged people and communities at further disadvantage.

My substantive area of research is LBQ women’s health, most notably running the largest and longest running periodic survey of LBQ women’s health and wellbeing in the world (SWASH). I have a strong and continuing research track record in LGBT health, sexual and reproductive health, and drug related health. Check out my research projects page.

I favour qualitative, community-based or participatory methodologies that allow me to work in partnership with communities to conduct and translate research to reduce health disadvantages.

I’m open to supervising undergraduate honours, postgraduate research projects, PhD and postdocs. I am an experienced examiner.

Across university teaching, professional development, or research capacity building in community, my role is to provide people with the intellectual and practical tools to undertake good quality qualitative research that will make a difference to the health of the populations they are working with.

My teaching career in qualitative methods in health research began with training community members as part of participatory research projects (I worked with several Aboriginal Medical Services and the Cambodian Women’s Development Association).

I was the Academic Director and Course Coordinator of the Master’s of Qualitative Health Research coursework program 2011-2016, and have been coordinator and principal lecturer on units in qualitative health research, qualitative study design and methodologies, and qualitative analysis and writing. I currently lead the qualitative health research teaching for a large Master of Public Health program.

If you’re interested in high quality (university-level) professional development in qualitative research, come do my short courses.

I have been a close and ongoing collaboration with ACON Health, Australia’s largest HIV prevention and LGBTQ health promotion organisation.

In 2008 I was invited to join ACON Lesbian Health Advisory Committee to support the development and implementation of the “Lesbian Health Strategy 2008 – 2011″ (the first strategy of its kind in the world). I was a member of ACON’s ethical review committee between 2011-2016.

I joined the board of directors in 2012, bringing expertise in LBQ women’s health research. I have been a strong and engaged board member, sitting on the board nominations committee and participating in two organisational strategic planning processes.

I often joke that I turn up and present when ever they tell me to; it’s true! I regularly present on LBQ women’s health to ACON staff, at professional forums and at community forums and workshops.

I run a sideline in developing research ethics capacity.

I do quite a bit of teaching and training in research ethics for postgraduate coursework students, researchers, community organisations and members of human research ethics committees. Most of my work has been in qualitative research ethics but I have conducted capacity building on ethics in LGBT research and community-based ethical review.

I’m a Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Health Research at Sydney Health Ethics, School of Public Health, University of Sydney. My gender pronouns are she/her/hers. You can contact my through the university, get in touch via the form below, or catch me on twitter.

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