Who are you? What kind of truth does your genetic profile tell about you?

The Assembled Self is a project I’m developing with colleagues Estelle Noonan, Brigid Costello, Ian Kerridge and David Sillence. It is about the experience of genotyping (genetic testing) and how this affects an individual’s sense of self. It is driven by our interest in how genetic testing alters the narratives through which people anchor their own, their families, and their communities’ identities. The project involves a collaboration of researchers and artists conducting a creative research project where artists produce new works (phase 1) to be presented to generate public conversations around genetic testing and identity (phase 2).

On 18th August we held a research development workshop with researchers and Sydney-based to think through these ideas. It was a fascinating day with amazing artists, challenging ideas and lots of tricky issue to solve for our grant application.

Watch this space!

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