Changes in social networks are associated with lesbian, bisexual and queer women quitting smoking

We've just published a paper in Drug and Alcohol Review based on formative survey research we conducted for the Smoke Free Still Fierce smoking cessation campaign (ACON developed with funding from Cancer Institute NSW). We produced a community report on the survey but this is a more sophisticated analysis that aimed to understand the differences... Continue Reading →


Community forum: lesbian, bisexual and queer women and smoking.

I have the honour of participating in this up coming forum at the University Centre for Rural Health in Lismore (northern NSW), co-sponsored by ACON and part of the Lismore Women's Festival. We'll tell you want we know, answer your questions and hang around afterwards to hear your perspectives. I'm in Lismore for a couple... Continue Reading →

Tobacco-control project targeting lesbians, bisexual and queer women

The Cancer Institute NSW (the cancer control agency for NSW) awarded an Evidence to Practice grant to ACON (NSW’s leading health-promotion organisation specialising in HIV and LGBTI health). I'm delighted to be the research partner on the grant.The grant is titled “Tobacco-control project targeting lesbians, bisexual and queer (LBQ) women” and will run until mid-2016. The grant was... Continue Reading →

Homophobia in our healthcare system – Sydney Morning Herald

Homophobia in our healthcare system - a very worthwhile read from Friday's Daily Life, Sydney Morning Herald. Written by Melissa Davey (coincidentally a student at Sydney School of Public Health), it was prompted by a very interesting research article on lesbian mothers' experience of the healthcare system. What I especially liked about the research article... Continue Reading →

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