From culture shocked to fearless adventurer – introducing students to qualitative research

Over this past semester I've introduced about 250 postgraduate students to qualitative research. Last year it was about 200. Actually through running a postgraduate coursework program in qualitative health research for 5 years and teaching several qualitative methods courses for community researchers there have been quite a few over my relatively short teaching career. I’ve... Continue Reading →

How can ethics committees judge whether researchers are competent to conduct qualitative research?

[check out some more thoughts at the end of the post] I’ve just taught a session on ethics in qualitative research, part of an intensive course designed to give attendees an appreciation of the philosophical and ethical issues underlying research involving human participants. There was good representation from those who called themselves qual researchers, those... Continue Reading →

Putting my argument up front would have made my presentation better

I attended a workshop by Nick Hopwood on presenting qualitative research. It was full of tips and strategies - check out the storify - and useful frameworks; Hammersley’s framework for critical review of ethnography (reminding me again that I need to read Hammerlsey) and Kamler and Thompson’s framework for writing abstracts from their ‘Helping doctoral... Continue Reading →

I finished my Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education) – hurrah!

22 October 2011 Yesterday I sat in a large seminar room with 40 other teachers at the University of Sydney. It was the culmination of our year together on the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education). Fourteen groups presented on inquiry projects we've each undertaken this semester. When I first started the Grad Cert... Continue Reading →

New Job!

In February I started a new part time position as Senior Lecturer in Qualitative Health Research (meaning I am now fulltime at the University of Sydney). My primary responsibilities are to coordinate and teach the Qualitative Health Research program, within the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney. We have provide four units... Continue Reading →

Papua New Guinea 2

A very successful few day in a beautiful report on the east coast of PNG (Tawali Resort). The training was a great success, and the feedback from participants very positive. I was delighted to hear they have so much qualitative research happening, and there is much interest in participatory methods. I learnt a lot about PNG... Continue Reading →

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