Questions in the house about lesbian and bisexual women’s health

21 June 2012, Ms Clover Moore (Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly (until September 2012) and Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney) asked a question of Jillian Skinner (Minister for Health, and Minister for Medical Research): "With respect to the joint Sydney University and ACON "Health Check - Sydney Women and Sexual... Continue Reading →

At the intersection of two marginalised identities – conference paper

At the 12th Social Research Conference on HIV, Hepatitis C and Related Diseases, Sydney today, watching my colleague Rachel Deacon presented our paper "At the intersection of two marginalised identities: Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people’s experiences of injecting drug use and hepatitis C seroconversion" Abstract: Introduction: Although international research shows higher levels of injecting... Continue Reading →

Why LBQ women don’t use dental dams: Australian research on LBQ women’s sexual health

I had the pleasure of presenting at ACON's Big Day In. ACON is NSW’s largest community-based gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) health and HIV/AIDS organisation; Big Day In is their annual staff development day. I turned up early to see the L Panel - several of the organisation's fierce women who work across programs... Continue Reading →

GUWC presents at Youth Health 2011

The Growing Up with Cancer research project had a few appearances at the wonderful Australian Adolescent Health conference (aka Youth Health: It's totally important). My colleague Peter Lewis spoke in the youth cancer session about young cancer survivors making meaning and finding benefit from their cancer experiences. Making meaning and finding benefit: Young people’s reflections... Continue Reading →

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